• Promotion of organic farming in the country through technical capacity building of all the stakeholders including human resource development, transfer of technology, promotion and production of quality organic and biological inputs.
  • To act as nodal quality control laboratory for analysis of biofertilizers and organic fertilizers as per the requirement of Fertilizer Control Order (FCO, 1985).
  • Revision of standards and testing protocols keeping in view the advances in research and technology and bringing remaining organic inputs under quality control regime.
  • Organic input resource management, technology development through support to research and market development.
  • Promotion of Organic Farming through low cost certification system known as “Participatory Guarantee System for India” (PGS-India).
  • To provide financial assistance through NABARD under Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme (CISS) for agro-waste compost production units, bio-fertilizers/bio-pesticides production units.
  • Awareness creation and publicity through print and electronic media.


Implementation Components

Ⅰ) Strengthening and up-gradation of National Centre of Organic Farming/Regional Centre of Organic Farming in respect of Buildings, staff and equipments
Ⅱ)  Development and implementation of quality control regime and technical support for organic and biological inputs

 (i) Quality Control Analysis of Biofertilizer and Organic Fertilizers

(ii) Development of quality control regime for organic input which are not covered under Fertilizer Control Order (FCO,1985)

(iii) Development, maintenance and supply of authenticated strains of microorganisms

III) Human resource development through trainings

(i) Certificate Course on organic farming 

(ii) Training/Refresher course for Analysts/Fertilizer Inspectors

(iii)  Training on PGS Certification

(iv) Training of Field Functionaries / Extension Officers on Organic Farming 

(v) International Trainers’ training/ cooperation and liaison with international bodies  

IV) Facilitate and implement alternative Organic Certification process-Participatory Guarantee System for India (PGS-India) with development of standards and protocols  
V) Support and encourage production and use of organic inputs  through Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for setting up of Commercial input Production units
VI) Publication of Newsletters, Training manuals and literature etc and collection of data related to organic farming and inputs
VII) Encourage and Support Research, studies and/or surveys etc on organic package of practices, inputs and management protocols proposed by government agencies.
VIII)  New Initiatives, Market Development, Awareness Creation, Publicity and Evaluation
IX) Evaluation and monitoring of organic agriculture schemes/ programmes of Central and State Governments